Thr1ft strives to create a positive community centered on a shared love of fashion, helmed by good people and technology. Thr1ft’s founders, Haley and Ramone, look to change our conversation with clothing’s second life and the commerce surrounding it.


This community is built on positivity and a collective mind of a more circular fashion industry. We want you and everything that makes you you here. Thrift will not tolerate any hateful, intolerant, derogatory actions or speech towards anyone in our community. Take your hateful shit somewhere else.


Thr1ft expects that you add to our community in a positive manner. That you act honorable and ethical in all your interactions via Thr1ft.

- You provide quick and assistive customer service. Answer your inquiries within 24 hours, resolve any concerns with your best foot forward.

- Take true and accurate photos of products. The customer will find that tiny hole or stain, just be upfront. Do not use any copyrighted content. We know you have an eye for aesthetics, show it off.

- Pack your product and sale with care.

- You are allowed only one account, make it a true representation of you. Don’t be vulgar with your name, sigh, just don’t.

-Follow all applicable laws while participating in Thr1ft’s community. No one needs a scammer in their life.


Conduct your business in a timely manner.

- Provide all communication within 24 hours.

- Ship sales within 3 business days.

- Send tracking with 24 hours of shipping.

- Conduct refunds within 24 hours of receiving merchandise back.

Ownership and Transparency

- You need to 100% own the product you are selling.

- Be honest about the condition the product is in. Disclose any damage or wear on the garment.

- State true lead times on any made to order items and stay in communication with buyers.


Any product(s) that may fall under cites laws are the responsibility of the seller.

Intellectual Property

Follow all laws regarding intellectual property laws. This includes use of images without consent.

Keep it on thr1ft

Keep your communications and sales on Thr1ft. You are not allowed to push sales or communications regarding buying/selling to other apps/platforms.


Don’t spam the community. Come on, just no.

Impersonation/fraud activities

Do not impersonate other users or companies.
Fraud will not be tolerated to our users or affiliates.

Just be the person you want others to be